All of the pupils at King’s Ely Prep are allocated to one of four Houses. These Houses provide a strong structure for our pastoral support, friendly competitions, and a sense of belonging for any pupil new to the school.

Houses meet once a week for an assembly and there are many informal opportunities, through competitions and school charity events, for the children to come together in their Houses with a sense of common purpose and fun.

Each adult working with the children at the school is allocated to a House as well, which provides a team of people in each House who are keen to celebrate successes and spur their House members on to greater success. The shared endeavours on behalf of the school are a wonderfully positive aspect of life at King’s Ely Prep.

Reassuringly, should the need arise, our team of Housemasters and Housemistresses are a valuable point of contact for children and parents alike. They manage their pastoral teams and any pastoral matters are dealt with promptly and compassionately under their leadership.