History in Years 3 to 5 is taught as part of the creative curriculum. One term every year is dedicated to a History topic and it is integrated into all the lessons in a fun and imaginative way. Trips play a large part in the enrichment offered to our pupils, and visiting speakers and re-enactors are invited to the school. In Year 3, recent trips have included being an evacuee on the Norfolk Steam Railway, visiting Duxford Museum and exploring Ely Museum. Over the past few years, Year 4 pupils have enjoyed historical recreation days at Kentwell Hall, a sleepover on the gun deck of The Golden Hind and a day at The Heritage Centre at Bosworth Field. In Year 5, pupils have participated in a Victorian Day at Gressenhall Workhouse in Norfolk.

History is taught as a discreet subject in Years 6 to 8. A chronology runs across the three years, starting with Stone Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain in Year 6. In Year 7, pupils study Medieval England, and we cover the Tudors and Stuarts in Year 8. This prepares our pupils well for the more modern history course taught in King’s Ely Senior. Again, trips, artefacts and guest speakers enrich and enliven the course and help bring History to life.