“Exploration is the physical manifestation of Geography. Under the inspirational guidance of their teachers, King’s Ely geographers not only learn about the world, but how to become explorers of, and place-makers in it.”Daniel Raven-Ellison, National Geographic Explorer

Geography at King’s Ely is all about exploration. We move from the local to the global, from the UK via Europe to the wider world, and from familiar to unfamiliar ideas. Geography is an academically robust subject, combining creative elements of the arts with the enquiry approach of the sciences, with people at its centre.

The department uses an enquiry approach based on the content of the national curriculum. This enquiry approach is central to what we do: asking those big questions and investigating, analysing, presenting and reviewing important issues in the world.

Throughout King’s Ely Prep, pupils will develop geographical skills, using maps, fieldwork and observation. Geography literally means ‘writing the world’, and we use a range of presentation, literacy and numeracy techniques to do this. Geography is a dynamic and exciting subject to study at King’s Ely, with varied teaching methods used to stimulate our students’ interest, curiosity and a sense of wonder in the fantastic world in which they live. Geography at King’s Ely is contemporary and looks outwards, with visits from speakers and virtual connections with explorers and scientists. It is about participation and creativity, with some Lego thrown in.

King’s Ely holds a Secondary Geography Quality Mark, awarded by the Geographical Association, and is a Centre of Excellence for global learning.