There is a spirit which pervades the School, from our Nursery through to our Sixth Form. Visitors comment on it, yet find it difficult to define. But it is there.

It is evident in the way in which both our staff and pupils conduct their daily lives at King’s Ely. It inspires and cajoles them to do their best. It encourages them to be respectful and value others around them. It promotes the opportunities of working together and gives the confidence to explore and go it alone when it is right to do so.

This spirit is future looking but is relevant to the here and now. It means that our students and staff are distinctive in their abilities to react and to be responsive, in their broad and balanced perspectives, in their confidence and assured levels of self-esteem and in their determination and resilience to look forward and face their futures. We are proud of our staff and of our students.

No other school community is the same. No two King’s Ely students or staff members are alike. They are all, as a result, Uniquely King’s.