Make an enquiry

Please complete the form below and a member of the Admissions team will contact you to discuss your enquiry. Alternatively, you can contact the Admissions team directly on 01353 660702.

Please note that enquiries for all year groups in Junior can be made all year round, although visits during term-time are subject to availability.


To register, please complete and return our Registration Form along with the appropriate registration fee.

Taster Days

Taster Days are available at King’s Ely Junior, Senior and Sixth Form. Following registration, students are invited to join King’s Ely for an informal day in the life of a student. For more information about our Taster Days, please contact Admissions.


All registered children are invited to attend an assessment day during the Lent Term prior to September entry. We invite 4-6 pupils in for a day in January.

Assessments are carried out online in verbal, numerical and non-verbal skills. Alongside these tests, children take the Lucid dyslexia screening test. The day will also include an informal interview with the Head, Mr Whymark. Your child will be asked to bring in an item they could discuss with Mr Whymark during the interview.

Children are allocated a buddy for the day and are also invited to attend lessons and activities when not sitting assessments.

Offer of a place

Offers are usually made within a few weeks of the assessment. The offer letter will explain our required timescales for accepting the offer.

Acceptance of a place

Parents are required to sign an Acceptance Form, which includes confirmation that they have read and accepted the school’s Terms and Conditions, and to pay the required acceptance deposit.


Prior to your child’s first day, they will be invited to spend some time with the class they will be joining. The main Induction Day for King’s Ely Junior children starting each September is in mid-June each year.

Information evenings

For parents of Acremont children, an information evening is held towards the end of the Michaelmas Term prior to September entry to introduce parents to the Year 3 team and deliver information about life at King’s Ely Junior.

Further Parents Information evenings are held in June for all parents who have accepted places for Years 3 and 7 in the following September.

Late applications

We welcome late enquiries after the January assessments. These can progress to registration and assessment subject to space in the appropriate year group. Please contact the Admissions team in the first instance.

Junior FAQs

My child has Special Educational Needs. Can we still apply for a place?
Most recent school reports and an Educational Psychologist’s report may be requested before a visit and assessments.
Will King’s Ely contact my child’s current school when we apply for a place?
Confidential school reports are requested after Registration and are considered before a place can be offered. Therefore, it is advisable for you to contact your child’s school in advance of registering at King’s Ely.
How can I help my child prepare for the online assessments?
We advise parents that children can prepare for our online assessments by learning to work quietly on their own, completing homework set by their current school, and by reading and trying to understand all the words in any books they read. Older children should also, wherever possible, be encouraged to try to solve problems by looking things up for themselves.
Does King’s Ely recommend any practice papers for Year 7 assessments?
We do not feel that parents need to subscribe to any commercially available materials or tutoring services in preparation for our Year 7 assessments.
Is there school on Saturdays?
Pupils do not have compulsory lessons on Saturdays. There are fixtures on Saturday afternoons which pupils are required to attend should they represent a team. Other compulsory Saturdays are published in advance, such as Open Events.

Further questions

We are relocating and need to seek a place for our child mid-year, do you have availability?
Should you require a mid-term or mid-year start in a particular year group, please contact Admissions to enquire.
We need our child to stay at school beyond the end of the school day. Is this possible?
Day pupils can stay in school until 17:30, joining prep sessions and after school clubs. Following 17:30, day pupils can join the boarders for tea in the Monastic Barn, returning to Priory House thereafter. Flexi boarding and wraparound care are also available. See fees and charges for flexi boarding and wraparound care costs.
We would like to apply for a scholarship for Year 7 entry. Is this possible?
We do not offer scholarships for Year 7 or Year 8 entry. Pupils entering King’s Ely Senior at Year 9 are given the opportunity to apply for scholarships.
We would like to apply for Financial Assistance with the fees. How do we do this?
Bursary applications are accepted for Year 7 upwards. In exceptional circumstances, applications may be considered for younger pupils.
Can my child bring a packed lunch?
All Junior pupils attend lunch in the Monastic Barn, where food is provided and inclusive of the fees. They are escorted there by a member of staff. Pupils do not bring packed lunches.
How do I accept an offer of a place and secure this for my child?
A deposit is payable to secure your child’s place at King’s Ely Junior and when they move to King’s Ely Senior.
Can we tour King’s Ely Senior when we visit King’s Ely Junior?
Please make Admissions aware of your request and allow a little over two hours for your whole visit.