King’s Ely Acremont

Mrs Faye Fenton-Stone Head, King’s Ely Acremont
Mrs Sarah Stevens Deputy Head, Enrichment and Extension Coordinator
Mrs Kelly Allen 2KA
Mrs Alison Black RAB
Mrs Natasha Hobbs 1NH
Mrs Jo Lyall 1JL
Mrs Tracey Miller 2TM
Mrs Helen Monk 2HM
Mrs Heather Strudwick RHS
Mrs Victoria Walker Y2 Teacher/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lucy Taylor-Dixon Community Welfare Adviser

King’s Ely Acremont Nursery

Mrs Rachel Nabavian  Head of the Nursery
Miss Lucy Wright Deputy Head of Nursery
Miss Kayleigh Darkens  Toddler Room Leader
Mrs Michelle Smith Little Ones Room Leader
Mrs Saba Abidi Nursery Practitioner (lunchtimes)
Miss Lucy Brand Nursery Practitioner
Miss Courtney Chantler Nursery Practitioner
Miss Lizzy Haywood Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Lucy Hunt Nursery Practitioner
Miss Laura Kenny Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Kelly Langford Room Leader
Mrs April Norman Nursery Practitioner (lunchtimes)
Mrs Rebecca Ogden Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Caroline Osborne Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Tracey Ralph Nursery Practitioner
Mr Jose Rosa Nursery Practitioner
Miss Gemma Scarrow Nursery Practitioner
Miss Chloe Shad Nursery Practitioner and Holiday Club Practitioner
Miss Emily Shelsher Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Rachael Street Nursery Practitioner (lunchtimes)

King’s Ely Junior

Mrs Sue Freestone Principal of King’s Ely
Mr Richard Whymark Head, King’s Ely Junior
Mr Andrew Marshall First Deputy Head, King’s Ely Junior
Mr Anthony Lowery Director of Studies
Mrs Laura Roberts Deputy Head, Head of Science
Revd Dr Ros Lane Chaplain / Counsellor Religious Studies
Mrs Lucy Taylor-Dixon Community Welfare Adviser
Mr David Boothroyd Head of PE Boys’ Games/Maths
Miss Nell Bond Head of KS2 Mathematics
Mr Martin Bramley KS2 English Co-ordinator Y5 Geography/ICT
Miss Kirsty Chenery Y3
Miss Carly Collins Y5
Mr Edward Davis Head of Year 8, Head of History Games
Mrs Marie Delaveau-Fillmore Head of KS3 MFL Y7
Mr Elric Doswell Music Graduate Assistant
Dr Ailbhe Duane KS2 Science Co-ordinator Y7
Mr Daniel Everest Head of Computing and Digital Innovation
Miss Charlotte Fletcher Girls’ PE and Games
Mrs Kate Furness Y3
Mrs Jo Greenish Teaching Assistant
Mr Stephen Greenish Director of Co-Curriculum Y8 /Mathematics/Geography
Mrs Linda Hill Head of Religious Studies Y7/English/Drama
Mr Jonathan Hobbs Head of KS3 Mathematics
Mr Nick Huntington Director of Drama and Theatre Studies
Miss Katy Huntley Graduate Assistant Priory House Tutor
Mrs Alison Inskip Library & Resources Coordinator
Mr Hugh James Y4
Miss Zixian Jiang Chinese Language Assistant
Mrs Fiona Keene Head of Learning Support
Miss Amanda Kippax HsM Saunders, Head of Girls’ Games Mathematics
Miss Claire Kyndt Director of Learning Development Geography
Mrs Vickie Lack Learning Support (p/t)
Mrs Kate Lonnen Y4
Mrs Katie Mankellow Head of KS3 English
Mrs Selina Markwell Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jean Minchin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lorraine Oldham KS2 MFL Co-ordinator Y7
Mr Richard Oliver HsM Queen Emma, Head of Science Science / Games
Mrs Sarah Paling HsM Priory, Art Co-ordinator
Mr Alan Parkinson Y8/Geography
Mr Dan Parratt HsM Queen Philippa Y5/Games
Mrs Olivia Petherick HsM Goodwin Y3/English/Games
Mr Neil Porter-Thaw Director of Music Performance (Whole School)
Mr Alastair Ray Head of Y7, Design and Technology Co-ordinator
Mr Jonathan Riches PSHE Co-ordinator
Mrs Nicki Sivier Head of KS2 Music
Mrs Jane Stageman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lyn Stubbs Learning Support Assistant
Miss Kathryn Sudbury Y8/English/Drama
Miss Olivia Thorogood Head of Girls’ Sport
Mrs Liz Topping Art/Design & Technology
Mrs Hayley Turner Teaching Assistant
Miss Rebekah Watkins Staff Coaching Coordinator English
Mrs Joanna Whymark Y5/Mathematics/Textiles
Mr Gary Williams Y7/ESOL
Mrs Rebecca Woodward Choir House Resident Houseparent
Mrs Pam Wynne-Jones Head of Y3/4 Y4

King’s Ely Senior

Mrs Sue Freestone Principal of King’s Ely
Mr Jonathan Shaw Head of King’s Ely Senior
Mr Ben Pennington Deputy Head of King’s Ely Senior
Mrs Jane Thomas Vice-Principal (Academic) Geography
Mr Andy Thomas Director of Boarding, Head of Government and Politics History
Mr Matthew Norbury KEI Academic Director English (ESOL) / Geography
Revd Dr Ros Lane Chaplain / Counsellor
Mrs Lucy Taylor-Dixon Community Welfare Adviser
Mr Matthew Adams Head of Classics
Mrs Carly Aldous-Juneau Fine Art and Textiles
Mr Ben Allen English
Mr Jonathan Armour ESOL
Mr Julian Atkinson Classics/English
Ms Audrienne Bezzina Head of Mathematics
Miss Chanre Bond Head of Girls’ Games PE
Mrs Brigitte Bousquet Head of French
Miss Phoebe Bradbury
Mr Martin Bray Assistant Director of Outdoor Education
Miss Helen Briggs Interim Head of Academic Music
Mr Patrick Carberry Head of Design & Technology
Miss Patricia Casanova Spanish (p/t)
Mr Steve Cavill i/c Timetable Mathematics
Mrs Victoria Charlesworth Mathematics
Miss Sophie Cheng Director of Outdoor Education
Mrs Alyson Colignon French Language Assistant
Mr Colin Currie Head of History
Mr Kevin Daniel Head of Physical Education
Mrs Lorraine Davidson Food Technology (p/t)
Miss Marie Delaveau-Fillmore Head of KS3 MFL
Miss Laura Dixon Drama
Mr Richard Emms French (p/t)
Mr Malcolm Ewan Economics/Business Studies
Miss Katie Farley Learning Support (p/t)
Miss Melanie Franklin Head of ESOL
Dr Daniel Gabelman Head of English
Mrs Justine Gee Business Studies (p/t)
Miss Laura Gibson Mathematics
Miss Claire Gilbert Biology
Mrs Lizelle Goosen Head of Netball Girls’ Games (p/t)
Mr Patrick Green HsM School House PE/Boys’ Games
Mr Stephen Greenish Director of Co-Curriculum
Mr Marc Hawes Director of ICT Systems / Head of ICT and Computing
Mr Sam Hirons Sports Gap Assistant
Miss Natasha Hobbs Dance/Drama
Mr James Houlston HsM Hereward Hall Music/Music Technology/ICT
Ms Melanie Hughes German and Rowing Coach
Mr Toby Humphry HsM Wilkinson House/Head of Personal Development Religious Studies
Mr Nick Huntington Director of Drama and Theatre
Mr Barnaby Jackson Mathematics
Mrs Sharon Jackson HsM Withburga House History/Government and Politics
Mr John Jermy Senior Technician
Miss Zixian Jiang Chinese Language Assistant
Dr Inga Jones Librarian, Extended Projects Co-ordinator
Miss Karen Keen Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Mr Jonathan Kingston Music
Mr Rohit Kishor Physics
Mr Ned Kittoe Head of Science and Physics, Enrichment and Extension Co-ordinator
Miss Claire Kyndt Director of Learning Development Geography
Mr Antonio Longo Head of Photography (p/t)
Mr Paul Lott HsM Osmond House Biology
Mrs Sarah MacDonald Director of Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir
Mrs Jayne Mackay Head of Food Technology, GAP Student Co-ordinator
Mrs Katie Mankellow Head of KS3 English
Mrs Trish Marshall Mathematics/Psychology (p/t)
Mr Scott Mathie Chemistry
Mrs Kate Mathews English/Geography
Mr Alex Meddle Head of Cricket PE & Boys’ Games
Mr Kymon Megas Spanish
Mrs Rebekah Mellor-Read Mathematics (p/t)
Mrs Helen Melville Head of Geography
Mr Steven Merrell Film & Media Studies /English
Mrs Karen Mottram Teacher of Physics
Mr Michael Newman Head of Chemistry
Mrs Charlotte Newman HsM Hill House
Mr Peter North Head of Vocal Studies
Dr Monika Olamaie Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science
Dr Helen Ost Examinations Officer Chemistry
Mr Harrison Palmer Graduate Sports Assistant
Mr Alan Parkinson Geography
Mrs Elizabeth Phillips Classics
Mr Pip Pringle Biology/Chemistry
Dr Sarah Prole Physics
Mr Sean Quinn Head of Psychology
Mrs Alison Rhodes Director of Art
Miss Nicola Riley Graduate Library Trainee
Mrs Esmeralda Salgado Head of MFL and Spanish
Miss Emma Saunders Fine Art & Textiles
Mr Aaron Shilson Assistant Organist to ECGC
Dr Caroline Skeels HsM Torfrida House Mathematics
Miss Gill Smith Director of Higher Education and Graduate Careers, Head of Religious Studies and Moral Philosophy
Mr Jonathan Smith English/History
Miss Isobel Smyth Head of Biology
Ms Alison Stewart Y12 Academic Co-ordinator Biology
Mrs Susan Stirrup English (p/t)
Miss Kathryn Sudbury Drama
Dr Nigel Tetley Religious Studies
Mrs Harriet Thistlethwaite (M-L) Fine Art
Mr Peter Thistlethwaite Y13 Academic Co-Ordinator Moral & Religious Philosophy
Mr Jim Thompson Director of Sport
Mrs Lindsey Thompson HsM Wendreda
Miss Olivia Thorogood Head of Girls’ Sport
Miss Rachel Todd Learning Support
Mr Tony Tooth Director of Academic Administration (p/t)
Mr Neil Urwin Head of German
Mrs Teresa Villalon Spanish
Miss Theodora Wakeley English
Mr Craig Ward Head of Rowing
Mr Tom Ward Head of Fine Art
Miss Rebekah Watkins English
Mrs Ann Whitehead Computer Science (p/t)
Mr Nick Williams Head of Economics Business Studies
Mr Alastair Wilson Head of Business Studies
Miss Georgina Wise Teacher of Art
Mrs Kirsty Wright Music