ICT and Computing at King’s Ely Prep is both exciting and organic. Children are given a solid grounding in digital literacy; they are equipped to be digitally creative and encouraged to develop computational thinking skills. Together with the PSHE department, instructions are given on how to be good digital citizens, with an eSafety strand at the centre of all we do.

Children are introduced to a host of programs, systems and hardware as they wend their way through the digital cosmos, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Xara, iPads, Pages, Keynote, iMovie, I Can Animate, Podcasting, web design, Scratch, Flowol, Python, Raspberry Pis, FUZE BASIC, Robot Arms, Arduinos and various online facilities.

Some of these skills are covered in discrete ICT and Computing lessons and others are taught across the curriculum as the children use the school’s or their own devices according to our Bring Your Own Device policy. The school has a campus-wide wifi infrastructure and every class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. Foyers are furnished with computers so that children can use them to research, complete projects or follow-up skills taught in class. The children are also encouraged to blog their progress in their own areas on the school’s intranet and there are three Computer Clubs each week for Years 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.