The true nature of school Science lies in learning all about the world around us, from the microscopic contents of the cell in front of us to the forces that hold the planets in place, millions of miles away. Challenge in both thought and action are matched with a strength of teaching that compliments the power of learning in an experimentally practical manner.

At King’s Ely Prep, we encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world around us and create an environment that provides the answers through research and practical experimentation, both within and outside the laboratory.

Pupils can join this journey of exploration in Year 3 and 4, where they are taught by their classroom teachers, during three dedicated lessons a week. In Year 5 and 6, they are taught in their own dedicated laboratory by specialist Science teachers. Two further, fully equipped laboratories provide abundant space for our Year 7 and 8 scientists to experience the full application of the scientific world as they progress into their GCSE studies within our Senior section. At any point of this flow, new pupils will be encouraged to join in and, if necessary, catch up in preparation for their launch into Year 9 Science.

We offer enrichment to all our pupils to complement their learning beyond the classroom curriculum through various after school clubs and competitions. For example, all pupils in Year 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to compete for a place in the final of the Quiz Club. Our ecology trips to Wandlebury in Year 6 and Hunstanton in Year 7 provide pupils with the hands on experience of collecting live data from woodland and beach habitats, producing detailed food webs and competitive “Top Trump” cards to emulate the organic interactions that exist. Year 8 have the opportunity to compete in the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry and in their final term compete for the inter school leaders spot during the Big Forensics Challenge.