Welcome to King’s Ely; it is a remarkable school. People have been educated here, in the shadow of Ely Cathedral, for well over 1,000 years, which means we have had plenty of practice at doing our job. However, we are not about historic achievements or illustrious alumni but about children and young people because they are our future.

We look after the academic and pastoral needs of around 1,000 boys and girls aged 2 to 18 with boarders from 7 years old.  We came into being to educate choristers and now we have two cathedral choirs, junior boys and senior girls, with choral scholars of both genders in the Sixth Form. That is a small part of the story and King’s Ely is a school where we believe education is an adventure. Students of all ages are encouraged to take risks in their learning, pushing themselves beyond the boundaries of their expectations, discovering more about the world around them, and, in so doing, more about themselves. What makes us different is our determination to instill in the young people in our care a real enthusiasm for learning and our belief that all students can achieve when their learning style is fully engaged. This can be challenging, even uncomfortable, but King’s Ely students know that they are well supported and that their teachers believe in them, so they take the risks that carry their learning to new heights.