It is our belief that children will achieve all the more when they are content and fulfilled. Consequently, the pastoral provision at King’s Ely Prep is extensive. Form Tutors are the children’s everyday point of contact. Also looking to support and nurture the most positive outlook for them are the day Housemasters and Housemistresses, our Heads of Year, and the Assistant and Deputy Heads.

Throughout King’s Ely Prep, we are mindful that children need to feel nurtured and encouraged in order to develop the determination, confidence, resilience and ambition to embrace new opportunities and build their talents. Celebrating success and embracing natural curiosities, emerging talents or abilities is a feature of our approach. As a school, we meet collectively both for assemblies and for cathedral worship and reflection, providing themes and thought-provoking opportunities on which the children can draw throughout the week.

Helping children to take risks, challenging the assumptions made about them, and knowing that one type of encouragement will not fit all children means that our pastoral systems are flexible and individualised. Every student at King’s Ely Prep is important to us, so the team of adults working with the children invest a great deal of energy into ensuring that they know each child very well.

The wider pastoral network at the school includes a full-time Chaplain, our Community Welfare Advisor, the Medical Centre team and our independent counsellors. Ensuring that the children are supported in appropriate and effective ways is always a priority for us.