We are immensely proud of the achievements of our young people, regardless of the starting point of each, be those achievements realised on the stage, the sports field or in the examination hall. When it comes to academic results, while we rejoice in the success of those who achieve the highest accolades, we celebrate equally those students who find the demands more challenging yet still reach or exceed expectations, through hard work, commitment and passion for their subjects.

GCSE results, 2016:

Overall % A^/A* 23.2
Overall % A^/A*/A 52.1
Overall % A*-B 78.5
Overall % A*-C 95.3
Overall % A*-E 99.9

A Level results, 2016:

Overall % A* 12.12
Overall % A*-A 43.29
Overall % A*-B 71.86
Overall % A*-C 83.98
Overall % A*-E 99.57

Further Education destinations, 2016:

First choices universities: 94%

First choice or insurance: 98%

Oxbridge: 7%

University of London: 12%


King’s Ely Junior

Key Stage 2 results

The results obtained by King’s Ely Junior students between 2010 and 2015 averaged:

  Level 4 and above Level 5 and above
Maths 94% 53%
English 95% 50%


Since 2016 King’s Ely Junior has not participated in the Key stage 2 SATs

In order to validate our school assessments within the national context in the absence of SATs, King’s Ely Junior students are assessed by two externally standardised forms of testing. The assessments chosen are externally marked and age standardised.


In June 2016

In English, 78% of Year 6 scored above 100 in age standardised scores. A further12% scored in the highest ‘Well above average’ bracket indicating scores in excess of 126.

In Mathematics, 68% scored above 100 in age standardised scores. A further 10% scored in the highest ‘Well above average’ bracket indicating scores in excess of 126.

In Science, 85% scored above 100 in age standardised scores. A further 16% scored in the highest ‘Well above average’ bracket indicating scores in excess of 126.


Recent KES individual achievements:

  • Saskia Porter-Thaw received offers from the Guildhall School of Music and the Royal College of Music. She was also offered a place in the National Youth Wind Orchestra saxophone ensemble.
  • Rosamond van Wingerden became one of only 16 young people in the UK to qualify for the Final of the British Biology Olympiad – a challenging competition for A Level Biology students.
  • Kitty Foster and Katie Diss both achieved 11A* and A^ in Further Maths.
  • Rebecca Daniel ran in the intermediate girls’ 800m group in the English Schools Athletics Championship, competing against girls a year older than her.
  • Y11 student, Freddy Flack won the Principal’s Prize for administering first aid to an Ely resident who had collapsed in the city.
  • Jessica Nurse was awarded First Prize in the prestigious National Fashion and Textiles Awards for students studying textiles at A Level. Mia Takehara was runner-up and Highly Commended, and Holly Parker was Commended.
  • Hongye Guo achieved 3 A* grades and an A at A Level and Phoebe Ryan received 3 A* grades.
  • Eleanor MacGillivray qualified for the Junior Mathematical Olympiad, putting her in the top 0.5% nationally.
  • A photograph by Maria Overtoom was commended by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and was exhibited in the Espacio Gallery in London.
  • A sculpture by Max Openshaw was on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London from April to September 2016 after being shortlisted for the international Saatchi Gallery/Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools Competition, for which there were over 20,000 entrants from across the globe.
  • Phoebe Ryan secured an offer from Murray Edwards, Cambridge, to read Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies, and an unconditional offer from the New College of Humanities in London, where she was offered the prestigious Grayling Scholarship.
  • Hongye Guo, originally from China, secured a place at Queens’, Cambridge, to study Natural Sciences.
  • James Mitchell was awarded an organ scholarship and a conditional place to study Music at Girton, Cambridge.
  • Rosamond van Wingerden was offered an unconditional place to read Classics and Oriental Studies at Oriel, Oxford.
  • Thomas Bruce received an offer from Keble, Oxford, to read Computer Science.