Art at King’s Ely Junior is all about experiences and experimentation. All pupils from Years 3 to Year 8 have a weekly Art lesson, taught by subject specialist teachers in an Art studio. Our aim is to ensure that by the time students are ready to move on to King’s Ely Senior, they have experienced a wide variety of art materials and processes. These include fine art, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography and digital art. Pupils study the work of artists, craftspeople and designers, both historical and contemporary. They are encouraged to form their own opinions on what art is and what it means to them.

There is a strong cross-curricular element to our schemes of work. In the younger years, Art is embedded into topic-based studies, as well as skill-based lessons. This continues further up the school, with relevant links made to studies in all subjects, particularly History, Geography, Mathematics and languages. Pupils also participate in set and prop design for the many school musical and drama productions throughout the year.

The Art department at King’s Ely Junior also offers a variety of opportunities for Extension and Enrichment. There are lunchtime and after school Clubs and Open Studio sessions. Pupils have the opportunity to prepare for the Arts Award run by Trinity College London. As well as this, each year group has the opportunity to meet visiting artists or to go on an outing. Excursions include the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Sainsbury’s Centre, Burghley House and, of course, Ely Cathedral.