At King’s Ely, we appreciate the importance of agencies, not only in introducing students to us, but also in assisting overseas families in making an enormously important decision for their children. A vital part of this is building and nurturing a relationship with our agents.

We want children who will thrive at King’s Ely, displaying energy, courage and integrity in their approach to learning and the vast range of wider activities which we offer. This means it is important that our agents understand the kind of pupils we seek.

We are a day and boarding school, with international families relocating to the UK and seeking day spaces for children of all ages from 2 to 18, as well as those who are sending their child to board with us from the age of 11. We are academically selective, but not elitist. We assess children to ensure that they can cope with the academic rigour of GCSE and A Level courses, and that their language skills and attitude will enable them to take full advantage of being in a British school alongside British students. Approximately 80% of our pupils are British.

Academic credentials

Each year, King’s Ely students go on to access the finest universities in the UK and, increasingly, the wider world. See our pupil achievements for further details.


The first port of call for agents should be our Admissions department, which can assist with any concerns or detailed questions. Many queries come up regularly, and you may find the answer to these in our International FAQs.

Contracts and commission

Please contact our Admissions department for details regarding contractual and commission arrangements.


Meeting us

We are always happy to welcome agents to King’s Ely at an agreed appointment time. It is a dynamic place, always changing. So, if you are planning a trip to the UK just let us know and we will organise a visit. Meanwhile, King’s Ely staff make regular visits overseas. If you are going to be at an event, are holding your own, or just would like us to pop in to your office for a visit, please let Admissions know.