As the culmination of their time at King’s Ely Prep, Year 8 is an exciting and formative year for our students. As the oldest students in this section of the school, we expect our Year 8 students to set an example to the younger pupils. They also enjoy positions of leadership, such as by being School Ambassadors, and we ask them all to be a Buddy to a Year 3 child for the year. Other opportunities for leadership and enrichment are available in Sport, Drama and Music and we encourage our Year 8s to take leading roles wherever they can.

Academically, the year is also very busy. The students study Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Latin, PHSE, two Modern Foreign Languages, Technology, Music and Sport. There are formal exams in both January and June. The latter are particularly important in determining their setting for subjects as they join King’s Ely Senior.

Our Year 8 pupils are expected to develop good working habits and a love of learning through their application of the King’s Ely Learning Habits Framework. Our specialist teachers seek to inculcate such traits throughout their lessons. Modern, specialist facilities are used for many of the subjects and we make use of more of the specialist facilities of King’s Ely Senior for our Year 8 students in order to ease their transition into Year 9.