King’s Ely is a school steeped in history, nestling in the shadow of the cathedral yet with an outlook firmly fixed on the future. It has a distinctive ethos, a sense of ambition and a genuinely holistic approach. The emphasis on energy, courage and integrity are lived out in all areas of school life.  There is a refreshing balance between academic challenge and the determination to equip young people with the skills and character to make a difference in the world.

Things are done differently here. Our students learn how to take risks in their learning, embracing success and failure within a climate of support. Being challenged to step out of one’s comfort zone quickly becomes a way of life. They are challenged to set themselves demanding targets, to question preconceptions and to make informed decisions of their own. We believe every pupil should enjoy their learning in the classroom but should also be actively encouraged to find their niche beyond the academic curriculum, be it in the Hayward Theatre, on the games field or through the Ely Scheme.

This is not an academic hot-house; outstanding results are achieved through inspiration, not pressure. The list of leavers’ destinations, including many top universities, bears testament to this. However, this is not at the expense of student welfare. The wellbeing of our young people is paramount and our attention to the individual has gained us an outstanding reputation for pastoral care.

Great schools need to equip their pupils with the skills to succeed, the strength of character to thrive and the values to contribute positively. We believe King’s Ely does this and we would encourage you to come and see for yourself.

Jonathan Shaw