Welcome from VPsWelcome to King’s Ely Senior, where students are empowered to achieve beyond even their own expectations. Things are done differently here. Our students learn how to take risks in their learning, accommodating success and failure in a climate of support. Being challenged to step out of one’s comfort zone quickly becomes a way of life. Students are challenged to set demanding targets for themselves, but the support is available to develop strategies to achieve those targets. They are challenged to question preconceptions and make informed decisions of their own. They are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy and give back to a community from which they receive so much.

This is not an academic hot-house; results are achieved through inspiration, not pressure. The list of leavers’ destinations, including many top universities, bears testament to this. Student well-being is paramount and our attention to the individual has gained us an outstanding reputation for pastoral care.

We hope you find this information useful. If you would like to see and feel for yourself what we can offer, please do come and visit us soon.

Jane Thomas and Liz Knibb
Vice Principals