Religious Studies combines elements of a wide range of school subjects such as Mathematics, History, Geography and English. We use Art, Music, Drama and other creative approaches to help the students experience the topics we are studying. We have embedded the Religious Studies schemes in the creative curriculum for Years 3 and 4. In the younger years, we focus on stories and build on this knowledge as the students move through the school, exploring and reflecting on their own personal journey. We endeavour to provide students with a grasp of traditions and practices that help them to understand the world around them. In Years 3 and 4, we explore an introduction to some of some of the religions of India. Along with Christianity, we teach a unit on Hinduism in Year 5, Sikhism in Year 6, Judaism in Year 7 and Islam in Year 8. Years 7 and 8 focus on some of the major themes in both the Old Testament and New Testament, and through them explore contemporary issues such as poverty, racism, prejudice and stewardship. This helps our students to develop persuasive arguments and to reflect and appreciate different points of view.

The subject is enhanced by a range of enrichment activities for each Year group, which the students love: visits to Walsingham, creating stained glass and exploring the art and architecture of Ely Cathedral, visiting local churches, a synagogue and a Gurdwara. We invite a number of speakers to help the children understand the beliefs and culture of others. The younger children explore stories with experts in a creative and imaginative approach which encourages the children to engage in these stories using a multi-sensory approach.

Religious Studies is seen as a valuable subject for both employers and universities, as it allows students the opportunity to explore deep questions, form ideas, understand others and develop empathy and critical thinking.