IT was wonderful to welcome ‘Nigel Amies, Historical Education’ back to King’s Ely Junior on January 26th.

Nigel worked with our Year 6 pupils, including children isolating at home, as part of their current topic in History – Celtic and Roman Britain.

Edward Davis, Head of History at King’s Ely Junior, said: “The morning began with a talk on Roman life and how it differed from the preceding Celtic civilisation. We had the opportunity to see reproductions of numerous objects and clothes used by the Romans. The pupils were taught about Roman toilets and were revolted at the thought of using a communal sponge on a stick! However, this was better than the facilities in Celtic times.

“Our re-enactor was dressed in the uniform of a Roman soldier, and he explained the uniform and equipment of a Roman legionary. He also talked about the different weapons that a soldier would have. He discussed the Roman invasion of Britain and Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans. He then explained who could join the Roman army and the life they would lead. The pupils also tried some Roman drill manoeuvres!”

Thank you for such a fun and fact-filled morning Nigel!

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