Our pupils are encouraged to take risks in their learning, pushing themselves beyond the boundaries of their expectations.
"Oliver has benefitted hugely from his time at King’s Ely Acremont. Students' natural talents are nurtured but where there is a need for additional support with key skil..."
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"We are absolutely delighted with how well Emily (Year 8) and Livvie (Year 7) are doing at King's Ely Junior. Their academic progress has been significant and they have se..."
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"King’s Ely is like one big family where community really is at its heart. It is a school for everyone, where each individual is able to flourish in whatever field they ..."
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"I am delighted to be appointed Head of School this year and look forward to giving back to the school that has served me so well through my education."
Oliver – Year 13 (Head Boy)
"I'm honoured to be given the opportunity of taking on a role of such great leadership and responsibility within the school and I look forward to all that it entails this coming year."
Paige – Year 13 (Head Girl)