YEAR 2 King’s Ely Acremont pupils spent the morning at King’s Ely Junior with their Year 3 friends as part of their preparation for the next chapter of their King’s Ely journey in September.

The children joined in with a literacy lesson during the visit on March 26th where they listened to extracts from the Year 3 pupils’ own versions of nasty tricks played by ‘Mr and Mrs Twit’ before letting off steam in the Junior school playground and then walking over to the Monastic Barn for lunch.

As our pupils progress through Year 2, they are prepared for the transition to the next stage of their King’s Ely journey – King’s Ely Junior. Activity mornings and visits give an exciting glimpse of the years ahead, whilst close communication between the teachers in Year 2 and Year 3 ensures that this important transition is a very positive experience.

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