CONGRATULATIONS to all Year 12 students who completed the ‘Ely to Calais (and beyond!)’ fitness challenge during lockdown!

During the first half of the Lent Term, form group 12ERT challenged the other Year 12 tutor groups to cover the distance from Ely to Calais as a team – they could do it by walking, running, cycling, rowing – by pretty much any means. It became clear after the first week that the Calais target was much too small and the challenge grew from there.

Due to variation in size of each tutor group, the total distance covered by each participating tutor group was divided by the number of participants to provide an average distance for each group. The final results were:

1) 12ERT – average of 252km per participant
2) 12BSJ – average of 200.95km per participant
3) 12KAM – average of 51.29km per participant
4) 12KXM – average of 40km per participant
5) 12MCN – average of 35.18km per participant

As far as individual efforts are concerned, special mention must go to students Millie Robson, Conall Comley and Sam Barber. Millie covered a whopping 1001.88km (£50 will be donated to a charity of her choice), Conall covered 547.5km, and Sam achieved 414 km.

Other notable performers include Johnny Pickthorn, Rhys Williams, Rosie Ringer and Sam Martin, who all recorded distances of over 200km.

Well done everyone – what a superb team effort!

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