A COMBINED team from Wendreda and Etheldreda, and Torfrida and Withburga played in the Junior House Hockey matches this week.

The results on the day were:

Torfrida v Wendreda/Etheldreda 1-0 (Torfrida)
Withburga v Wendreda/Etheldreda 1-0 (Withburga)
Withburga v Torfrida 2-2 (Withburga won on penalties)

Head of Girls’ Games at King’s Ely Senior, Chanre Bond, said: “The Junior House Hockey Competition was closely contested by all participants. Torfrida and Withburga each narrowly defeated a combined team from Wendreda and Etheldreda. This meant that the final game of the day would be the decider. Withburga opened the scoring but this was closely followed by an equaliser from their opponents.

“In the second half, Withburga scored again but Torfrida fought back to tie the score at 2 goals each. The final whistle blew and the winners had to be decided by a penalty stroke competition. After a tense round of penalties, Withburga deservedly came away as winners of the competition. Well done to all the participating houses!”

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