In which year group did you join King’s Ely?

I joined King’s Ely in Year 9.

What GCSE grades did you achieve this summer (2019)?

I achieved eight grade 9s, a grade 8, a grade 7 and an A.

Were you pleased with your results?

Overall, I was thrilled with my results, since I achieved 9s in Music, Classics, History, Sciences, French, Maths and Religious Studies. I was particularly pleased with my Classics and Maths grades, which had both improved from my mock results.

Were you well supported by your teachers in the lead up to your exams?

Many teachers run revision sessions and weekly subject support, which I have found extremely useful. The staff in the boarding house are also incredibly supportive from a pastoral aspect, helping to reduce stress during the exam period.

Why have you chosen to stay at King’s Ely for Sixth Form, and what are you most looking forward to?

The main reason I have chosen to stay at King’s Ely is because of the phenomenal musical opportunities provided by Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir. As very few schools in the country have such a high standard of choral singing, and even fewer offer a Sixth Form Organ Scholarship, King’s Ely was the ideal place to stay. I am really looking forward to starting my organ scholarship this year, which involves accompanying school and cathedral choirs and receiving regular performance opportunities.

What A Level subjects are you going to be studying and, if you know this yet, what sort of career are you hoping to pursue?

This year, I will be studying Music, History and Philosophy and Ethics, and I am hoping to study Music as an Organ Scholar at Cambridge or Oxford University. In the future, I wish to pursue a career as a professional musician, either as an organist or choral director of music.

What extra-curricular and enrichment activities are you/have you been involved with at King’s Ely, and how do you feel this enhances your experience of school?

My main extra-curricular activity since I joined King’s Ely has been singing and playing the organ with the Ely Cathedral Choir. Combining membership of the choir with several hours of piano and organ practice each day is like having a part-time job: therefore, finding a balance between academic work and musical commitments has been crucial, especially during exams. Since joining King’s Ely, I have passed my Grade 8 in Singing (Distinction) and Violin (Merit); taken part in school orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles; and I have competed in the school’s annual music competition. Aside from Music, I have also participated in the inter-House Debating Finals, and next term I look forward to joining the History Society. Extra-curricular activities allow you to meet new people and discover new interests, which I think are a valuable part of school life.

In what ways do you think King’s Ely is different to other schools?

What I believe sets King’s Ely apart is the community atmosphere, especially in the boarding houses, and the excellent communication between students and staff. I feel confident for my A Levels due to the teachers’ dedication towards their students’ results, and I am very much looking forward to Year 12.

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