In which year group did you join King’s Ely?

I joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 5.

What GCSE grades did you achieve this summer (2019)?

I achieved two grade 9s, four grade 8s, and five grade 7s.

Were you pleased with your results?

I was very pleased with my results; I achieved higher or equal to the grades that I had aimed for in every subject. I think that the work that I’d done throughout my time as a GCSE student really paid off.

Were you well supported by your teachers in the lead up to your exams?

All my teachers were incredibly helpful and supportive, particularly in the lead-up to exams, when all focus was on making sure all students were confident with the questions they would be faced with. All subjects had support sessions open for people with any uncertainties, and all teachers also gave out revision material such as past papers, mark schemes and revision guides. The past papers showed me which topics I was weak on for a given subject and the revision guide allowed me to go over that material again to fully understand it.

Why have you chosen to stay at King’s Ely for Sixth Form, and what are you most looking forward to?

The main reasons that I’m staying at King’s Ely for Sixth Form are the interaction between the students and the teachers, and the community feel of life here. I am looking forward to being able to focus on a limited number of subjects and dedicate more time to each, whilst still having time to do sports and clubs, as well as other free time activities.

What A Level subjects are you going to be studying and, if you know this yet, what sort of career are you hoping to pursue?

I am doing Maths, Further Maths, German and Physics for A Level, with the hope of pursuing a career in Astrophysics or Engineering.

What extra-curricular and enrichment activities are you/have you been involved with at King’s Ely, and how do you feel this enhances your experience of school?

At King’s Ely Junior, I played the euphonium and passed Grade 4 with Merit. I took part in many matches against other schools, playing Rugby, Football and Cricket, as well as inter-House matches in school. In King’s Ely Senior, I’ve started my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, having finished my Silver section recently, and just started on my Gold award, as well as also becoming a ‘Language Leader’, which involved preparing and conducting lessons in German to students in the Junior school.

In what ways do you think King’s Ely is different to other schools?

I think King’s Ely stands out because of the small class sizes, which grants students the amount of time and help that they need from their teachers. Also, the way that lessons vary with teamwork or working alone allows enjoyment from the students as well as developing important skills.

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