OLD Elean, Edmund Dickens, has been awarded three Commendations from the University of Exeter.

Edmund, who left King’s Ely Sixth Form in 2017, received the Prize for the Highest Dissertation Mark from the Centre for Geography and Environmental Science, the Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Centre for Geography and Environmental Science, and a Commendation from the Dean of Exeter University for Academic Excellence.

Edmund, who was a student at King’s Ely from Reception right the way through to Year 13, said: “I’m delighted to have been awarded these Commendations. Being recognised for hard work is a great feeling, and certainly helps to motivate me as I complete my Masters in MSc Global Sustainability Solutions at Exeter.

“The dissertation I achieved the highest mark for was on ‘The potential for Dark Skies as an extra-terrestrial cultural ecosystem service’ – essentially the cultural values we can gain from being able to look up and see the stars in areas with a particular lack of light pollution.

“The outstanding contribution to the department prize was due to me being elected president of geogsoc (the geography society) at university, which led to me overseeing guest speakers, whole course socials and other activities.”

When asked about his time at King’s Ely, Edmund, who achieved a First in his degree, said: “I loved Geography at King’s and actually ended up choosing to do it at University after having a bit of a crisis over what course to apply for and being advised to just go for what I most enjoyed, which was Geography. Luckily it was also what I was best at at school!

“One of the things I liked most about Geography, and still do today, is the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. I was lucky enough to do modules from the medical school, law school, politics and biosciences in my BA. While at King’s, I went on trips to Iceland and China with the school, which helped reinforce how interconnected many human and natural processes are. I also did a lot of Rowing at school and enjoyed going on Ely Scheme trips too.”

Congratulations Edmund and best of luck with your Masters!

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