HAPPY retirement to the lovely Susan Stirrup, who has worked at King’s for 19 years.

Susan, a Teacher of English at King’s Ely Senior, has taken early retirement, but we know we will still see lots of her as her son, Oliver, is in Year 10.

When asked what she will miss most about working at King’s, Susan said: “I will miss my colleagues – the camaraderie, the humour, the support and the incredible variety of personalities. I have never ceased to be amazed by their level of commitment, their ingenuity and their sheer dedication.”

Susan says she will miss the students too: “Again, such a wonderful melting pot of characters, cultures and personalities; their energy and humour; building relationships with them and gaining their trust; and helping them achieve their potential in English – whatever level that might be.”

Susan added: “I will miss the environment of King’s too. We often take for granted what a stunningly beautiful setting we work in – we are privileged to do so.”

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