Thank you to everyone who came along to our ‘Bombarde of Organists’ and ‘Lunchtime Live’ concerts this week!

Monday’s (June 5th’s) ‘Bombarde of Organists’ event saw King’s Ely Junior pupils; Rachel Fisher and Lukasz Niezgoda, and King’s Ely Senior students; Thomas Strudwick, Sam Trueman, and Thomas Allen, delighting their audience on the Viscount in our Old Palace Chapel. They were joined by uber-talented organists, Edmund Aldhouse, Sarah MacDonald, and Glen Dempsey, who are all experts in their field and all work with our students.



Neil Porter-Thaw, Director of Music at King’s, said: “We are incredibly lucky to have three outstanding organists working within the school, and along with our own students, we hear them on a weekly basis. However, we never see them, or the challenges they face whilst in a loft! The hands, the feet, the registrations, as well as turning pages – they do it all. Edmund, Sarah, and Glen wowed the audience with their expert performances. But it was not just the professionals who were at work. From as young as Year 6, it was wonderful to see the progression of our students and the journeys they are all on. I am hugely proud of their achievements, and I look forward to hearing them progress even further over the years. We hope that in 2023/2024 we will have another two ‘Bombarde of Organists’ on the school’s Viscount in the Old Palace, and another one on the world famous Harrison and Harrison in Ely Cathedral. Congratulations to all!”

Wednesday’s (June 7th’s) ‘Lunchtime Live’ event took place inside Ely’s recently and beautifully renovated St Mary’s Church. Fourteen of our most accomplished Senior musicians delivered what was a beautiful and tranquil, thirty-minute concert, which was free to attend and open to everyone.

Congratulations to all of the students who performed: Year 9 King’s Barbers, Matthew Allen, James Allen, Adam Ahmad, Joshua Davidson, Harry Walker, and Thomas Strudwick; Vocalist, Isobel Holland; Vocalist, Hugh Chippington; Violinist, Hannah Reveley; Vocalist, Kit Attwater; Vocalist, Max Black; and our Aeolian Trio, Lauren Booth (flute), Lily McCallum, (cello), Sam Trueman, (piano).

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