A GROUP of Year 10 GCSE Computer Science students visited the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge on June 29th.

One of the students who went on the trip, Emily Pluck, said: “Upon arriving at the museum, we programmed an LED to flash on a breadboard with the help of an Arduino (Fundueno uno). After that we then programmed the LED to flash when you press a button.

“After we had finished this, we then had a tour around the museum and were told about the history of the computer and hardware, and how they have developed over the years. We were also given some time to test out some of the old games and technology that was in the centre, and we got to see how gaming has developed right from the basic 8 bit Mario, pong and space invaders where hundreds of lines of code had to be written for the game to be obtained where as now with games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite etc it is as easy as inserting a CD.

“I found it very interesting to learn how far technology has developed over the space of a lifetime, and it made me excited for what the world of technology has in store for us in the future.”

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