HAPPY retirement to Steve Merrell, our Head of Film and Media Studies and Teacher of English at King’s Ely Senior!

Steve retired at the end of this academic year, having worked at King’s for 20 years and having been in teaching for 42 years. Steve arrived at King’s as Head of English and it was in 2009 that he set up our Film and Media Department.

Steve said: “I only intended to stay in teaching for one or two years until I got a ‘real job’. Many years later I realised that teaching was indeed a real job and something to be proud of, despite all the ambitious new directives by various Governments.

“I have seen in the National Curriculum, O Levels to GCSEs, coursework, SATs, appraisals, remote learning and a revolution in technology. My first school had one ‘computer’ – a database of students that was held in the school office.”

When asked what he will miss most about King’s, Steve said: “I will really miss the atmosphere of friendliness, both from students and staff, including all the non-teaching staff who keep the place clean, pleasant to be in and have always made me feel valued. I will miss the enjoyment of seeing students enthused by the work they are doing, overcoming problems they thought they couldn’t answer and having a laugh.”

Thanks for everything Steve, don’t be a stranger!

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