CHECK out the fantastic entries that our Senior Geography students submitted for the Department’s Portrait Photography Competition!

The theme – ‘Spaces of Meaning’ – encouraged pupils to consider what spaces were important to them and how the feel, use or meaning of these places had changed as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Edward Pearson, Head of Geography at King’s Ely Senior, said: “During the distance learning period, the Senior Geography Department decided to hold a photography competition to try to document this “once-in-a-generation” experience. Students were asked to submit photos under the theme, ‘Spaces of Meaning’. This encouraged them to consider what spaces were important to them and how they feel, or how the use of these places had changed during lockdown. Each entry was supported by a 100-word explanation of the meaning behind each photo.

“There were some superb entries, with Finlay Griffiths, Imogen Attwater and George Meyer all highly commended by the judges. However, the top three entries and their descriptions can be seen below. Thank you to everyone who took part!”

1st place – Alexandra Marshall (Year 10)

“This is taken in my grandmother’s park. During lockdown we can’t go anywhere and over the course of this period I have learnt to love the sunsets and the evening walks with dogs and my family. When my sister got ill, she had to stay at home. When I came back from school, she would tell me about her walks and how it is her time to think and give her freedom. I never understood fully what she meant. She used to always ask me to go with her and she would just want to talk. In quarantine, as I am with her all day every day, she would just beg and beg for me to come with her and I finally gave in. I started going with her and gradually began to understand what she was trying to say to me. The park gives you freedom which is very hard to find in cities and in towns. A different kind of quietness and the sunsets are just magical. It has also allowed me and her to connect again.”

2nd Place – Tabitha Lacey (Year 10)

“This photo is of some shopping on a doorstep emphasising the essential products in-front. This is because in this time it is advised to only buy the essentials and many people who are vulnerable to Covid-19 are having food delivered making it very important for life at this time. A doorstep may also be the only chance people staying at home will see other people and friends, which is a change to staying inside all day making it a meaningful place.”

3rd Place – Mikael Salomaa (Year 10)

“I chose this as my photo because until quarantine had started, I’d never visited here. This place became my standard for whenever I went outside, whether that was for running, cycling, walking, etc. Originally, I only went short distances but later I found out about a forest just beyond where I would stop. This forest was full of great things, bike paths, bike ramps, essentially anything you could need. So, for my last few weeks, I’ve been going there and either stopping to read outside, relax or just quickly visit. Basically, it has become almost like a hideout where I can go whenever. I’m trying to convey with my photo that what may seem simple, such as this path, may lead to countless hours of exploration and fun.”

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