OUR annual Old Elean vs 1st Team Netball fixture took place on March 7th and was as fun-filled as ever!

Kim Saxby, Alison Dhrampal, Sarah Smith, Davina Harvey, Emma Ayers, Samantha King and Clare James made up the Old Elean side, who said the current 1st Team girls were the strongest they have ever played against.

Lizelle Goosen, Head of Netball at King’s Ely, said: “The 1st Team were leading by 4 goals in the first quarter of the game. The Old Elean girls were not going to give up though and Emma Ayers made some amazing interceptions. Kim Saxby secured the goals from the circle edge.

“The game ended with the Old Elean girls narrowly winning by 2 goals. They had to work hard and said that this was the best 1st Team they have played against. Well done to both teams – it was a really enjoyable afternoon of Netball.”

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