YEAR 12 King’s Ely Sixth Form student, Florence Morgan, led February 12th’s Senior Theatre Masterclass – a gritty, in-depth exploration of the ideologies of Antonin Artaud and his ‘Theatre of Cruelty’.

The workshop was full of visceral, raw energy. Eerie red light and plenty of smoke made the school’s Black Box a very different environment and students lost their inhibitions by screeching and thrusting limbs in all directions, becoming almost animalistic in their portrayal of the ritualistic instructions posed to them by Florence, who led the session with authority.

Drama Teacher, Laura Dixon, said: “Florence created an atmosphere of curiosity and wonder as she made her passion for Antonin Artaud clear, and all participants really responded to her enthusiasm throughout the evening.

“At one point, the students were asked to confront their darkest thoughts and physicalize them through expression. The energy was palpable in the room and at times you could hear a pin drop. A fantastic evening was had by all and we look forward to more student-led masterclasses in the future.”

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