OUR Drama Department has hosted two fantastic ‘Senior Theatre Masterclasses’ since we returned to school after half term.

The first masterclass saw actor and director, Will Norris, inspiring students all about ‘screen acting’. He is best known for ‘The Lock-in’, ‘The Scampi Trail’ and ‘Swinging with the Finkels’.

Will gave pupils lots of time on camera, teaching them not only about the nuanced differences between acting for stage and screen, but also the detailed technical elements to the process. The group learnt a great deal and they loved seeing themselves on the screen.

The second masterclass, held yesterday evening (March 8th), was led by writer and director, Michelle Payne, who has a passion for creating work for and about 13 to 25-year-olds, and breaking the “Essex girl” stereotype. Michelle’s captivating workshop took the form of a ‘Research and Development’ session, where she and students worked on her new musical, ‘Enthusiastically, Yes!’, exploring the topics and themes, as well as enjoying some wonderful acting games and exercises.

Roll on our ‘Acting Techniques Club’ making a return next week!

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