VITAL tree preservation work being carried out in the gardens of Ely’s Old Palace will result in a road being closed for two days later this month.

The Gallery, which is one-way, will be shut to all pedestrians, cyclists and motorists between the Old Palace and Barton Square on August 25th and 26th, including Minster Place, which will be closed to traffic. The closure has been approved by Cambridgeshire Highways and diversions will be in place.

The road closure is necessary in order to protect members of the public while urgent preservation work is carried out to a large Oriental Plane Tree located in King’s Ely’s Old Palace Gardens, and which partly overhangs The Gallery.

Will Temple, Grounds and Gardens Manager at King’s Ely, said: “In 1987, this particular tree was due to be felled due to Inonotus Hispidus or “Shaggy Bracket” fungus, but thanks to the work of the school and East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Trees Officers over the decades, the tree has been protected and is still standing strong, despite the disease. As part of our ongoing tree maintenance programme, extensive pruning works will be carried out to this tree during the week commencing August 24th to reduce the risk of failure of some of the tree’s largest limbs, which could, if the worst were to happen, result in danger to people and buildings, and result in the total removal of the tree. The work, albeit drastic, should preserve the tree for years to come. We apologise for any inconvenience the road closure may cause but this has to happen in order to protect members of the public and everyone involved while the work is carried out.”

The Gallery, including Minster Place, will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 25th and 26th during the hours of 7am and 5pm.

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