‘The Wind in the Willows’ Review – witty, commanding, wonderful and confident

“Patrick Wilson continues his directing career leading a stupendous Year 5 and 6 cast in ‘The Wind in the Willows’. In the midst of the English countryside, this play presents the adventurous animals and their exciting tales, leading the audience through a story that celebrates nature, friendship, loyalty and adventure.

“A standout star was the incredible lead, Lucas Guyer, who played ‘Toad’, and gave a terrific and compelling performance, exceptional in its maturity. Guyer deserved a stage ten times the size to match his fantastic performance.

“Though, Lucas wouldn’t get far without the amazing co-stars alongside him, with unbelievable talent shown from Eden Dine (who played ‘Rat’), Eleanor Grimshaw (playing ‘Mole’), and Alice Petre-Firth (as ‘Badger’), each giving canny and confident performances, combining to create a brilliantly lovable performance.

“Isabel Stephen and Freya Axten-Higgs were equally phenomenal as the Horses ‘Al’ and ‘Bert’, giving performances that were knowing, haughty, intelligent, and completely dependable – an absolutely unmissable pair.

“The entire cast didn’t lose a single bright and smiling face from anyone in the audience. It was a show you simply couldn’t not smile at and enjoy throughout.

“An entirely necessary special mention to Nicholas Nesterov-Smith, who had the audience in the palm of his hand as the marvellous ‘Magistrate’, not forgetting my new favourite cheeky ‘Chief Weasel’ at King’s Ely after seeing Rosalind Crowe give a talented and splendid performance.”

Thomas Bateman (Year 13 Drama Prefect)

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