KING’S Ely Acremont’s Reception pupils visited Banham Zoo just before the half term break.

Reception Teacher Mrs Strudwick said: “The sun shone and we were all very excited to see many of the animals that the children have been learning about over the past few weeks.

“On arrival, we went straight into a workshop all about wild animals and their habitats. The children had the chance to touch or hold a cockroach and a bearded dragon, amongst others. They were asked to consider how animals from different habitats adapted to be able to survive there. The children were very knowledgeable and were confident to share this knowledge, as well as ask interesting questions.

“After snack and lunch, we had the chance to further explore the zoo and find out more about some of our favourite animals – the giraffes were a particular hit. As usual the children were extremely well behaved and were a credit to the school.”

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