OUR Reception pupils are loving getting hands on in the Woodwork Workshop at King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep!

First and foremost, the children learnt how to keep safe in the workshop, which included a discussion about why they need to wear safety glasses. Next, they learnt how to hold and use a claw hammer safely. They had a good look at the round-headed nails to discover just how sharp they are, and then practised holding a nail correctly between their thumb and forefinger, before learning how to gently tap the nail into a block of foam.

Once the nail was in the foam, they were able to let it go and then hold the foam with their hand to keep it secure as they finished hammering the nail further in. The children each hammered ten nails into their block of foam.

We are so impressed with the children’s skills and ability to listen to the safety instructions!

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