YEAR 8 King’s Ely Junior students were set the ultimate challenge just before the end of term in their annual Forensics Science Event – to try and solve a murder!

Using skills learnt in their Science lessons and some more taught on the day, the pupils were presented with the case and asked to decide whether the death was due to suicide, an allergic reaction or murder.

The event – entitled ‘Dead on Time’ and led by King’s Ely Junior’s Science Team alongside ‘Thinkers in Education’ – saw each group of six students organising themselves into a detecting unit and using techniques such as toxicology investigations, finger printing, DNA sequencing and good old fashioned ‘grey cells’, to try and establish the cause of the death.

The end verdict was that the death was murder by allergic response and the winners were only 500 points short of the record score for the event, which is currently held by last year’s Year 8 cohort!



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