OUR A Level Psychology students had a very interesting visit and talk from convicted murderer, Anthony Powell, just before half term.

Anthony, who served a 21-year prison sentence for a murder he committed in 1993, has been to King’s Ely three times in total to speak to Sixth Form students as part of their studies in Psychology.

However, his latest visit saw him being accompanied by a film crew from Dragonfly Film and Television Productions on behalf of Channel 4 as Anthony is featuring in their new series of ‘What Makes a Murderer?’

Head of Psychology at King’s Ely Senior, Sean Quinn, said: “Anthony spoke to students about his childhood, schooling and the early influences that led him down a dark path, as well as what eventually helped him to turn his life around.

“Anthony also spoke to students about the causes of institutional aggression, which is a key element of their course. This was Anthony’s third visit to King’s Ely and, as always, his talk was thought provoking and captivating.”

The documentary on Anthony is due to air on Channel 4 in December.

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