‘PSYCHOLOGY Bistro’ – a lockdown enrichment initiative launched by our Head of Psychology, Sean Quinn – went transatlantic for our A Level Psychology students last week, when they heard two fascinating talks from John Bolen and Amy Povah!

Amy is the founder of the CAN-DO Foundation – Justice Through Clemency and John recently received clemency from Donald Trump.

Mr Quinn said: “Amy speaks frequently on TV, to congress, at universities all over America, but this was the first time she had addressed an audience in the UK. She spoke eloquently about the circumstances that led to her initial arrest, the two years of harassment she received and then the fateful day she was imprisoned for 20 years for basically bailing her former husband. She spoke about her experiences in prison, her eventual release and her campaigning since. She was pardoned by Donald Trump as he left office.

“John spoke about his incarceration, the challenges of being “a lifer”, the temptations and pressures this brings, but also the fact he never lost hope and through the support of his family how he made it through. In one touching segment still raw with emotion he spoke of hearing the news he was to be released.

“The talks were incredibly engaging and at times truly moving, and conveyed strong messages about decision making, family, citizenship, perseverance and hope. It was an evening that will be memorable for some time to come.”

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