OUR Nursery to Reception Transition Programme at King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep is in full swing – these photos were taken on June 7th.

Children in Nursery 2 joined our current Reception pupils for an afternoon of outdoor learning and exploration in Acremont’s spacious garden.

Our young explorers’ task was to create a ‘nature palette’ using natural materials that they could find around the garden. The children donned their sunhats and worked in pairs and small groups to find as many different shades of colour that they could. They then carefully tore a tiny piece to include on their palette.

Heather Strudwick, our Head of Early Years, said: “There was a strict ‘no picking’ rule in place, so the children were free to use anything as long as it had fallen onto the ground. We were also pleased to be joined by several of our external children joining Reception in September. We have been having weekly transition afternoons and story time sessions this term, all of which are working really positively.”

Are you looking for a Reception place for your child this September? Our final places are filling fast. For more information, please call our Admissions Team on (01353) 660707 or email admissions@kingsely.org

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