THE fantastic Onatti Productions visited King’s Ely Senior on May 14th to present a French play, entitled ‘La Chambre des énigmes!’, to our Year 9 students.

Onatti Productions produce modern plays in French, Spanish, German and English for students in the UK who are studying foreign languages.

Esmeralda Salgado, Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at King’s Ely Senior, said: “The play was fun, very accessible and most importantly interactive, which allowed our young linguists to really put their French oral skills to the test.

“This play, together with the German and the Spanish performances earlier in the year, are part of our big MFL initiative to take languages outside the classroom at King’s Ely by creating real opportunities and life situations where students can actually practice their languages.

“Very well done to Ben Kittoe, Elliot Bord, Flo Nell and Arthur Lauze for volunteering to come to the stage and take part so actively in the play!”

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