WE were delighted to welcome Old Elean and award-winning filmmaker, Ella Rose Howlett, back to King’s Ely on May 9th.

Ella, who was at King’s from 2010 to 2014, was invited in by our Head of Film and Media Studies, Steve Merrell, to meet and speak to his Years 12 and 13 students, as well as pupils considering pursuing the subject at A Level.

Ella studied Film Studies, Photography and Art for her A Levels and went on to The University of Edinburgh to study a degree in Film and Television. She achieved a First and the film she made in her final year, ‘Surface Noise’, earned her a best production prize. The actress who featured in the film also achieved best overall performer.

To say that Ella has accomplished a lot since graduating – and in projects undertaken during her degree – would be a slight understatement. Film making contracts – both fiction and corporate; producing, directing and editing – have taken her to some amazing places in the world. Ella now runs her own company, Howlett Film – https://howlettfilm.com/

Thank you so much for your time Ella – we loved hearing about your fascinating career and all the filmmaking tips and advice you shared!

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