NINE of King’s Ely Climbing Club’s newest members headed to Derbyshire from September 13th-15th to work on their Level 1 Climbing Award.

Despite the windy conditions, William Biggs, Georg Graepel, George Jobe, Walter Jones and Zai Spencer, who were on their first Climbing Club trip, got to grips learning the foundation skills needed for belaying, tying in and basic safety awareness.

Freddie Hills, Gabriel James, James Schoenberg and Vakaris Tamosaitis – all on their second Climbing Club trip – started to develop their skills for belaying a lead climber.

Poor weather on September 15th saw the climbers head indoors to the Foundry Climbing Centre.

Well done to all the climbers and thank you to Sophie Cheng, Brett Ffitch and Matilda Scott for their expert tuition and instructing throughout the weekend!

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