SIX of King’s Ely Climbing Club’s newest members have completed their first trip away to Derbyshire.

The sun shone as the climbers – Harriet Froud, Thea Allinson, David Keene, Will Smith, Ben Smith and Charles Turnbull-Hall – got to grips learning the foundation skills needed for belaying, tying in and basic safety awareness.

The King’s Ely Climbing Club is part of the school’s Ely Scheme – a unique outdoor activity programme offering boundless opportunities for pupils to explore and learn through outdoor education. A comprehensive and progressive programme of outdoor activities running from Year 9 is the lead-in to greater adventures on the rock face, rivers and mountains.

Outdoor education at King’s Ely offers pupils the chance to learn self-reliance, teamwork, creative thinking and a determined attitude to all tasks in life. Our unique programme is facilitated by specially selected and trained pupil instructors who deliver our activities and learn to become exceptional leaders.

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