THE elections for this term’s new School Councillors at King’s Ely Acremont took place on April 26th.

The incumbent Year 2 councillors presided over the voting process and ensured that the school electorate entered their votes safely into the Acremont ballot box. Thank you to all the children who prepared a manifesto and entered their names into the ballot.

The School Councillors for this term are:

Reception – John Cowley, Osheni Jayakodi-Arachchige, Sophia-Maria Meshourides-Carter, Arya-Rose Scott-Bennett and Raffi Wills.

Year 1 – Sophie Ayers, Rosalind Crowe, Lucy Flynn, Florence Moss and Bingze Wu.

Year 2 – Charlotte Larbey, Enid Lever, Órla McDade, Harriet Smith and Albert Walker.

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