FELIX Hawes and Maria Campbell have been formally installed as King’s Ely’s new Heads of School.

Over a thousand people gathered inside Ely Cathedral on September 3rd for the school’s Beginning of Year Service, which includes the robing of incoming Heads of School in their prefects’ gowns. The new Heads of School then robe the Deputy Heads of School, after which all then assist in robing the other Prefects.

Speaking about her headship, Maria, 17, who has been at King’s Ely since joining King’s Ely Junior in Year 5, said: “I feel very lucky to have been selected to be Head of School out of such a strong group of candidates. Although I am a bit nervous about some of the speeches, I am very much looking forward to being at the head of such a strong community.”

Felix, 17, has been at King’s Ely since joining Reception at King’s Ely Acremont. He said: “I feel incredibly honoured to have been made Head of School. King’s Ely is so much of a community that to call it a large family is fitting, and to be a leading figure in this family is a huge privilege for me. The school has served me well, and now I am serving it too.”

This year’s Deputy Heads of School are Tristan Harding, Alex Layfield, Ashley Lian and Jenna Richards.

School Prefect status has been awarded to John-Paul Gilbey, Ben Clubb, Boris Choi, Sam Freeze, Tom Stiff, Phoebe Plumb, Arshdeep Hayer, Benita Bausbacher, Rebecca Keene, Honor Whitehead, Stephanie Segall and Rebecca Daniel.

The Beginning of Year Service also sees Heads of Houses for both King’s Ely Junior and King’s Ely Senior being welcomed into their posts.

In King’s Ely Junior, Queen Emma is being headed up by Lauren Booth and Thomas Alderton; Queen Philippa is being led by Kendle Putter and Rufus Hillier; Saunders is being headed up by Francesca Stevens and James MacGillivray; Goodwin is being led by Sydney Smith and Thomas Jackson; Priory is being headed up by Ellie Grimsey and Midu Gurung; and Choir is being led by James Barbrook.

In King’s Ely Senior, Huiru (Ashley) Lian is Head of House for Hill; Robert Dunlop-Brown for Hereward; Felix Hawes and Michael Poole for Osmond; Samuel Freeze and Ethan Morley for Wilkinson; John-Paul Gilbey for School; Rebecca Daniel and Phoebe Plumb for Torfrida; Eleanor Scott for Etheldreda; and Lucy Darby and Anna Pearce for Withburga.

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