OUR new Heads and Deputy Heads of Houses for September 2020 were announced just before the end of term.

In Hill House, Emily Hamilton-Bing and Kseniia Zagorskaia are Heads of House. Izzy Lewis is Deputy.

In Hereward House, Louis Gredley is Head of House and Jamie Layfield is Deputy.

In Osmond House, Oliver Johnson and Peter Lonsdale are Heads of House. Sukith Sarathchandra is Deputy.

In Etheldreda House, Stella Bluck is Head of House. Amelia Merrick and Katherine Mann are Deputies.

In School House, Gabriel James is Head of House. Deputy Head of Day is Daniel Kember and Deputy Head of Boarding is Charlie Curtis.

In Wendreda House, Alice O’Callaghan is Head of House and Ayala Gate is Deputy.

In Torfrida House, Natalie Youssef and Jordan Hayward are Joint Heads of House.

In Wilkinson House, Harry Curedale-Rayner is Head of House and Taku Gomera is Deputy.

In Withburga House, Tessa Hawes is Head of House. Eleanor Wallace and Rhianne Williams are Joint Deputies.

Congratulations all!

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