We have some fantastic news to report from our Senior Maths Department!

Of the ninety Year 11, 12, and 13 students who competed in the Senior Mathematical Challenge earlier this term, twelve students achieved Gold awards, twenty-two students secured Silver awards, and twenty-one pupils achieved Bronze awards.

Organised by the UK Mathematics Trust, the Senior Maths Challenge is an annual competition designed to put young mathematicians’ problem-solving skills to the test. More than 200,000 pupils from schools across the UK take part each year.

This year, Michael Zhang (Year 12) was our highest achiever in the competition. Angel Lam (Year 11) and Lauren Booth (Year 13) were the highest achievers in their respective years.

Our twelve Gold winners were invited to compete in the next round of the challenge, ‘The Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo’. Congratulations to Michael, who achieved a Merit, and to Angel, who qualified for this round one year early!

Earlier this term, some of our Senior female mathematicians also competed in the Maths Olympiad for Girls, which is also organised by the UK Mathematics Trust. Kimi Leong (Year 12) and Lauren Booth (Year 13) achieved the highest scores in school. They were awarded Distinctions, as were Lulu Liu (Year 13) and Anna Ost (Year 12). Allison Chiu (Year 12) and Jiawen Yang (Year 13) achieved Merits.

Congratulations to all students who achieved certificates, some of whom are pictured, and well done to every single pupil who took part!

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