OUR Year 7 King’s Ely Junior pupils visited Mountfitchet Castle in Essex to complement their current History topic on Medieval England.

Edward Davis, Head of History at King’s Ely Junior, said: “Mountfitchet is a re-creation of a wooden motte-and-bailey castle. Pupils had the opportunity to go inside the various authentically reconstructed buildings, as they researched what conditions were like for the residents of a castle.

“The experience was enhanced by the students trying on armour and suffering medieval punishments such as the stocks, as well as by the many animals, including deer, goats and poultry, which freely roam the site.”

What happens in the classroom is only ever part of the story at a school as busy as King’s. There are so many trips, visits and opportunities on offer for pupils with the interest or capacity to deepen and broaden their learning.

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