YEAR 10 King’s Ely Senior students, Eleanor MacGillivray and Otilia Salgado, pictured, were successful in this year’s Microbiology in Schools Advisory Committee (MiSAC) Annual Schools Competition.

The competition, sponsored by the NFU Online, asked students from across the UK to design a poster aimed to provide teenagers with a better understanding of the ways in which microbes are of benefit to agriculture.

Eleanor won the joint First Prize in the Key Stage 4 category of the competition and Otilia won Third Prize.

The purpose of MiSAC is to promote the teaching of microbiology in schools and colleges. Founded in 1969, it consists of experts who work voluntarily as representatives of the wide range of educational and scientific organisations that sponsor its activities.

This summer, the results of the annual Biology Challenge – a competition designed to stimulate students’ curiosity for the natural world and encourage them to take an interest in Biology outside of school – were also announced.

Once again, Year 10 and some Year 9 pupils from King’s Ely entered the challenge and students Eleanor MacGillivray, Barclay Greenway, Joseph Coppin and Ayala Gate achieved Gold certificates, placing them in the top 5% nationally.

Matthew Chaudhry, Conall Comley, Jonathan Iles and Sam Barber gained Silver certificates, placing them in the top 15% nationally.

Congratulations all!

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